The Approach

The use of music as an agent for healing can be traced back to pre-literate times, through Egypt, the writings of Hippocrates, and across ancient history, the Middle Ages, and onward. Different thoughts and beliefs influenced its use as civilizations grew. Soon after the end of WWII, music therapy became an established discipline with the formation of the first college programs. Since then it has blossomed fervently into a wide and diverse field of study - each with its own approaches and methods.


In addition to culling approaches and techniques from an array of philosophies, JAB pulls from his decades of being a creative composer and improviser. “My approach is definitely organic. I like to meet the child [or any client] at their level to begin to see how I might best fulfill their needs.” JAB blends psychodynamic approaches with humanistic ideology in a hands-on approach to harness the power of music to empower a person’s life.

The Sessions

During each individual session, a wide array of music instruments are used, including: keyboard, guitar, percussion, bells, Q-chord, bowed psaltery, and trumpet. JAB also regularly employs touch-screen computer, standard keyboard (for typing skills), books, dry erase sheets, puzzles, videos, toys, stuffed animals, scarves, floor mats, and other educational objects.