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Music therapy (MT) harnesses the energy of music for the benefit of everyone. In our sessions, we'll play together, rap, sing, share, and have fun together in a safe environment. MT will address the issues of adolescence to benefit social skills, relating to peers, emotional stability, positive body image, self-esteem, bullying, safety, and coping with more complicated relationships. Participants will work together as a group to explore these issues and grow trust in one another. Instructor has worked with tweens, teens and at-risk youth for over 20 years, so has extensive experience with these groups. JAB is a nationally Board-Certified Music Therapist and an international performing, touring, and recording artist.


In addition to the topics detailed below, each session will open with a "Let’s check in" song, followed by an ice-breaker as transition, and close with a "See ya later" song. For at-risk youth, MT can modify sessions to address issues such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy and delinquency. Throughout every minute of every session MT will guide the group using a wide array of evidence-based activities, instruments, and mediums with music favored by the group to encourage the most successful outcomes. For more information on how MT works with teens and at-risk youth, click here.