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Thomas Fire and year end brief reflection....

It certainly has been an interesting end to the year in Our Beloved Ventura. So many stories of loss and grief, but also of hope and strength rising from the embers. We all give mountains of thanks to the brave firefighters who came from near and far and busted their asses 12+ hours a day saving our city from worse devastation. It was an honor to play at the staging areas for these committed women and men, who sacrificed time away from their families to help ours. It has also been a privilege to bring music to our local citizens at shelters, assistance centers, churches, shopping malls, a holiday fundraiser, senior homes and other communal areas throughout the past 24 days.

Of course there will be much continued demand as adults return to work and the children return to school and face these issues in public settings. The crew at Pulse Drumming and I are locked and loaded and ready to serve. Let's Rise and Rock in 2018!